The Ways of Study English

12 Mar


There are many ways to study English.

Firstly, we can study english from our teacher, our lecturer, and our friends. Our teacher and our lecturer have more knowledge than us. They know english more than us. They also have many experience about that.

Secondly, we can study english from listening music and watching movies. We can get many vocabularies from listening and watching. We also  can study about the speeling and the pronounciation from watching movies.

Thirdly, we can study english from books. We must dilligent to read books to get more information about anything. And the last one is we must always practice our english with another people everywhere and everyday, may be with our lecturer or our friends.

So, the conclution are: First, we must study english from another people that have more knowledge and experience than us. Second, we can study english from listening and watching movie. Third, we can study english from book. The last one is we must always practice our english. And if you can speak in english well, it will makes you easier to go abroad. Don’t think that English is difficult before you try to learn it.


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