How to Keep Our Body Healthy

12 Mar


Healthy is an essential part of our body, but many people are not realize that healthy body is very important in our life. A lot of people may be just eat junk foods. Whereas, junk foods just make your body unhealthy. You will become fat. Now, I will tell you some ways to keep your body stay healthy.

First, eat a balanced died. Eating a balanced diet helps ensure you’re getting the proper amount of nutrients and vitamins and will help you avoid overeating, which can lead to excess weight gain or even obesity.

Second, do some exercise regularly. If you do some exercise regularly everyday, it will make your body stay fit. It also can decrease you fat and calories by doing some sport, like jogging. It can make your heart healthy.

Third, get frequent medical checkups. Blood pressure and cholesterol checks are a must for all adults. High blood pressure and cholesterol are two of the leading signs of oncoming heart disease. As you get older, getting screenings for certain types of diseases can help you catch some conditions early to help keep your body healthy. Women 40 and older should get a mammogram yearly, and men should get their prostate checked at least once per year.

The last one is practice healthy hygiene. Germs are all around, on the doorknob at your home, the phone at your office and the hands you shake at church. Keeping up with regular hygiene, such as washing your hands, showering and brushing and flossing your teeth can help keep you from contracting stubborn conditions like the flu and the common cold. Replace your toothbrush every three months or when you start to notice wear and tear. Brush after meals, and chew sugar-free gum to get rid of food particles that can build up in your teeth and gums and cause gum disease and cavities.


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