How to Avoid Junk Foods

12 Mar


Before I tell you about how to avoid junk food, let I tell you what is junk food. Junk foods are: any food that has poor nutritional, unhealthy, high in fat, easy to carry, and contain high level of calories. Now, I will tell you the way how to avoid junk food. At least I have 8 steps for you to avoid aeting junk foods.

The first step is have a reason. Why do you want to avoid eating junk food? Less fat? More health? Or lower colesterol? You must have a reason for that. Write it on a piace of paper and look at it everyday.

The second steep is make a plan. Avoid eating junk food means a change of lifestyle. What food will you eat? What food will you cook? What will you eat at work? You have to make a plane for that.

The tird step is be confident. Don’t believe the hype. Avoid junk foods is easy. Your body doesn’t need it. As long as you are giving your body what it needs, your body will be ok.

The fourth step is take action. If you want to change your eating habits, you have to do something about it. Cook your food by yourself and prepare your meals for work. Be ready and be prepared.

The fifth step is do some sports. Sports is healthy. When you do some sports you will have the tendency to watch your nutritions too. Which sports? It’s up to you.

The sixst step is choose your environment. Yourenvironment influences your habits. Remove the junk foods from your house, stop for buying it, and say NO! to eating at Mc’Donald’s daily.

The sevent step is enjoy you foods. The trick to enjoy your foods is you have to know how to cook. Cook is a skiil. You can learn it.

The last step is you must control yourself. Think! What do you prefer? Eating junk foods or eating junk foods? Don’t say you don’t care. You do, I know you do. You know what you should be doing.

I think the steps above is not to hard to you to do. If you want, so you can do it. Just believe in yourself that you can do it. In summary, there are some ways that you can do to avoid junk foods. There are: have a reason to avoid junk foods, make a plan, be confident, take some action, do some sports, choose your environment, enjoy your food, and the last one is you control your self.


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